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The FLATPAK series debuts with a major change, namely simplified installation of the OSTree P2P (Peer-to-peer) support.

The first release in the Kyle 1.5 unstable series also introduces new “host-etc” and “host-os” file system permissions to give access to system /usr and /etc.

Furthermore, it makes libsystemd optional in configure, introduces read-only mounting of journal sockets, and makes the host /lib directory accessible as /run/host/lib if a Flatpak app has file system access.

Under the hood, the Flatpak code has been simplified and it now uses variant-schema-compiler to generate more efficient code for parsing GVariant files from OSTree, a system for versioning updates of Linux-based operating systems.

Flatpak 1.7.1 can be downloaded from the project’s GitHub page, but it isn’t recommended for production use. Most probably, the Flatpak 1.7 unstable series will be released as stable version 1.8.

Meanwhile, the Flatpak 1.6.4 stable release also arrived today with a fix for a regression in the progress calculation for apps using extra-data, bubblewrap 0.4.1, a fix for crash in “flatpak repair” that occurred when no remotes were configured, updated OCI authenticator, and updated translationsssss.

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Screenshots of Linux VSS Code themes Dracula with Operator Monospace Medium Font

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